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Slimming Together

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The Slimming Together programme offers a holistic, transpersonal approach to helping people in their mission to manage their weight and take care of their health. Our programme is designed to help people develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

At Slimming Together, we help you shift your thinking to engender peaceful, positive emotion. We encourage you to eliminate the language of dieting and to focus instead on making respectful choices for your body and your life: This is the heart of our philosophy. We encourage you to dissociate from the concept of ‘going on a diet’ as very low calorie or fad diet methods set you up to fail. Losing weight and keeping it off long-term require permanent lifestyle changes. At Slimming Together, we teach life-management and healthful dietary practice as a way of life.

Joanne Reid Rodrigues


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Slimming Together programme
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