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claire-profile-2015-e1456927029908Spotlight On A Nutritionist In Somerset

Claire Stone is a nutritionist that takes a practical approach. Based in Bristol, her aim is to help you find a personalised, fun and realistic approach to your diet. Her aim is simple – eat better, so you feel better. Find out more about Claire Stone and see what her past clients say about her here Find out more about Claire Stone and see what her past clients say about her click here.

Here is a list of nutritionists in Somerset

How To Make Sure You Find The Right Nutritionist In Somerset

Here are five pointers if you are looking to find a nutritionist in Somerset:

  1. Know what you need – Have a clear goal in mind when you set out to find your nutritionist in Somerset. This will help you find the right person. It will also help the nutritionist deliver what you need. Some people look for a nutritionist because they have a health and fitness goal such as weight loss. Others want to eat more healthily. Some people have a food allergy, intolerance or other illness or condition that might be improved with good nutrition.
  2. Set a budget to meet your need – Some nutritionists offer ‘by the hour consultations’, others have a package. Be clear on what your needs are, both for your health and budget, then shop for your nutritionist accordingly. Sometimes just one or two consultations could be enough, other times a package gives you more depth and knowledge. With a package, be clear how much time you get with the nutritionist and how much they are delivering to you in ‘content’ i.e. template diet plans and menus. Again, be clear you are getting what you need.
  3. Find the right person for you – Qualifications highlight knowledge. There are a number of different qualifications for nutritionists including: PN, NTP, CISSN, CNS, CCN, ACBN, RD. Although qualifications can be important, they don’t necessarily make the therapist or coach. Personality and experience are just as important, so make sure you gel!
  4. Location – Consider how you will see the nutritionist. Will you have to travel to them or will they come to you or will the session happen via Skype?
  5. Feel confident before you buy – A good measure of a nutritionist is what their past customers say. Click the links to the nutritionists above and find out how other users of each nutritionist rated and reviewed the their work.

A nutritionist can help with diet, but if your goal is weight-loss or better fitness you may also want to find a personal trainer in Somerset who can help you with your fitness goals or maybe even a local gym. If you do decide to find a nutritionist in Somerset use the above guidelines to help you make your decision. Somerset is a rural county of rolling hills such as the Blackdown Hills, Mendip Hills and the Quantocks. It’s great for walking, biking and other outdoor pursuits. It’s also known for spiritual and well-being retreats, especially around the Glastonbury area.