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Zöe Kay

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I am a functional medicine nutritionist offering a unique and integrative view of your health and well being; giving you the tools to prevent and mediate a range of health conditions and symptoms. I offer nutritional therapy consultations where an individualised diet and lifestyle programme is put together to support your individual health based upon detailed information taken from your family history, genetics, laboratory testing, and case history.

I use your health history to assess your individual needs and underlying causes of health imbalances rather than focussing on symptoms. As nutrients become the physical structures and also run those physical structures, we can tailor nutrition to support optimal functioning of bodily systems. If you suffer from bloating, discomfort, migraines, unexplained anxiety or depression, infertility, skin problems, PMS, insomnia; these are all symptoms telling us that something in your body is not happy. We need to isolate the cause and bring your body back into balance. All I ask is that you have a true desire to be proactive and get answers and I will do all I can for you to optimise your health.


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Zoe Kay, Clinical Nutritionist - ZNutrition
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