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Yoga teachers and practitioners across the globe face a number of difficulties while continuing their yogic expedition. While dealing with a large and diverse group of students, Yoga teachers might end up getting mentally distraught. Since errors are inevitable during the practice of asanas, many of them feel the pain of injuries in muscles, spine, joints, etc. With a belief that the healing art of these issues is hidden in Yoga itself, Bipin Baloni is organizing classes for Yoga therapy in Rishikesh. Become a more competent Yoga master with yoga therapy training in the town of Yoga and Spirituality.
About the program: 
The program is organized with the main purpose of curing various injuries that emerge during the Yoga practices. Aspirants get to know about the core of mental as well as physical illnesses due to strenuous Yoga sessions and much more. Let’s have a look at the primary highlights of the Yoga therapy program at Bipin Baloni’s:
• An Introduction to the therapeutic aspect of Yoga during which it is discussed how therapy in Yoga works.
• A rigorous training of Hatha Yoga under the watchful eyes of Bipin Baloni.
• Correction of each Yoga pose with the subtle training of Adjustment and Alignment techniques.
• Learn about the healing ability of each and every asana.
• Education of various yogic techniques that help advance the practice.
• Know about Pranayama and its healing ability for the body and mind.
• Learn how to concentrate on your practice through deep Meditation.
• Relaxation is another kind of therapy which will be discussed during the training of Yoga Nidra.
• Knowledge of Ayurveda and the healing power of Yoga’s sister science.
• Special attention to the most common issues such as  Neck pain, Shoulder, joints, spinal problems, etc.
About Bipin Baloni: 
Bipin Baloni is a highly admired Yoga teacher who believes hugely in the power of spiritual Yoga. His love for the ancient science dates back to his childhood when he used to practice alone. Later, he joined the ashram of Yogi Mahesh and got the proper education under him. In 2011, Yogi Bipin started Rishikul Foundation and has been teaching Yoga ever since. The Yogrishi is a master of Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga around which his programs are based. His art of maintaining friendly behavior in the class makes him quite popular among his students.


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