Yoga for Disabilities, Limitations and Special Needs

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Specialist Yoga Therapy for Adults, Children and Babies with Disabilities, Limitations and Special Needs,for example autism, ADHD, Down syndrome etc, including yoga for those with sensory impairment ( deafness and blindness )
I offer consultations for yoga instruction, therapeutically tailored to suit the individual needs of the client and a suggested personalised self-improvement action plan.
I offer specific yoga and relaxation programmes for a variety of needs, for example:
 – Restorative yoga for those recovering from illness, injury or trauma
 – Yoga for weight loss
 – Yoga for those who are confined to a bed due to illness or injury
 – Yoga for those with limited mobility
 – Anxiety and stress related conditions
Whatever the limitation may be, the yoga programme can be tailored to individual needs.
Wendy Sugg


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