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Frederique Sardais teaches yoga classes in Marlow and West London. She teaches a mix of group classes including: beginners’ courses, general level, gentle yoga and adaptive yoga. One-to-one yoga is also available in the comfort of your own home.

Get in touch to join or arrange a new class. If you are a new yoga student joining a class for the first time, a FREE TRIAL may be available.

How yoga classes in Marlow can help you

Regularly attending yoga classes can help bring you back to a greater sense of wellness. Common conditions that could be eased are:

  • stress
  • back and joint pain
  • insomnia
  • anxiety
  • mental health
  • disability related chronic pain
  • neurological conditions
  • pelvic floor repair post-natally
  • birth preparation during pregnancy

When attending yoga classes prepare to feel challenged. Sometimes this will be physically, at other time mentally. At all times you will be safely guided, as she will encourage you to make the link between the experience on your yoga mat and the challenges we all face in daily life… A class is a chance to address our “human suffering” in its wide range of expressions all in a lighthearted spirit, with the greatest kindness of heart and with a touch of humor to leave you feeling refreshed and inspired to carry on exploring.

Qualifications, associations and experience

Frederique Sardais has over 17 years experience as a Hatha Yoga teacher (500 hour teacher training, Yoga Alliance certified). She has also specialised in Adaptive Yoga (for disability, loss, trauma following the approach of Matthew Sanford, Mind Body Solutions, ), pregnancy and post-natal yoga (Birthlight Yoga  Perinatal teacher certification) yoga therapy (for injuries and illness).

Frederique Saradais is also the winner of a Bronze Health Hero Award. This award is given based on a high average rating, given by customers when leaving reviews.

Teaching Style

Frederique’s teaching style combines attention to alignment along the principles of the Iyengar tradition and Hatha teachings. It allows the body to find its own way of opening up, remembering that each one of us combines strength and tension in our own unique pattern. By guiding you to understand your own blueprint, Frederique, will lead you into releasing tension when needs be, building up strength where appropriate, whilst keeping awareness of how your practice is affecting you energetically, emotionally and mentally. In the last few years Frederique has been studying with Matthew Sanford and trained in Adaptive Yoga with the Mind Body Solutions faculty in Minneapolis, USA.

One of 3 teachers qualified to teach Adaptive Yoga in Europe, this approach has deeply influenced her work, leading her to a more mindful style of practice, adapted to suit the individual student’s need whatever their health circumstances, from professional athletes to people living with disability.

How to join Yoga Classes in Marlow

  • You will find Frederique Sardais yoga classes in Marlow on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • Class duration is 60-90 minutes
  • Wear lose fitting clothes and bare feet. Other kit (mat and blocks) are available for your first class
  • Class packages vary. Click here to find the right yoga class for you
  • If you have any medical conditions or are taking medication, please do just check with your GP before joining a class

FREE TRIAL on most group classes for new students.

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Rated 5 / 5 based on 10 reviews.
10 votes
Debbie Bradbury
5 years ago

Best hour of the week!

I joined Fredee's gentle yoga class as a complete beginner about a year ago, and now I'm completely hooked! I find the classes challenging and fun. Fredee's wealth of knowledge and experience enables her to adapt each exercise to suit the varying needs and limitations of the indivuals in the class, thus helping everyone to realise their own potential. Her kind and cheerful manner makes everyone feel welcome and at ease, whatever their ability. I look forward to my weekly yoga class with Fredee ... it's like an oasis of calm and tranquility in a week of noise and chaos and I feel mentally and physically rejuvenated when I leave. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Fredee to anybody of any ability and experience. She's a great teacher and a lovely person!
Gill Ritchie
5 years ago

Great yoga class!

Fredee is a very experienced yoga teacher who really loves her work and helping others – that’s why I thoroughly enjoy attending her classes weekly - I always feel very looked after and leave class more centred and calm. The class begins with Fredee taking a “pulse-check” of each member of the group and builds her class tailored to the needs of each class participant. Throughout the class Fredee is checking-in with each class member and providing guidance and support with the yoga poses when required. I really recommend Fredee’s classes to beginners and experienced yoga students alike!
Chris Matchette-Downes
5 years ago

Sclerotic yoga

I feel privileged to know Fredee. I joined Fredee's Thursday night Yoga classes some three years ago to free-up musculature tightness / regain some flexibility - definitely does the trick - but not a one session wonder Savasana at the end is a good reward. Chris
Ian Hargrove
5 years ago

Brilliant Yoga Classes

Fredee has been teaching me and my family yoga for many years, usually with just my wife, but my children - who are aged sixteen to twenty - join in whenever they are around. Fredee is a patient and considerate teacher who knows her subject wonderfully well and is just brilliant at tailoring the classes to our individual needs. The classes are fun and very special and essential to my and my family's wellbeing. I recommend Fredee's yoga classes without reservation.
Karen Payne
5 years ago

Accessible to all

I had tried yoga a few times in the past but with big classes and I have never enjoyed it. I now know this is because I was being instructed on what I should do and not what it should feel like. Fredee was recommended to me for 1-2-1 sessions after I hurt my back, she helped me regain my core strength and also taught me what a job and a rest for the mind yoga can be. I have been to many of her classes now and also been away for a week-long retreat where I had the pleasure of classes morning and evening. I can not recommend her enough - she is kind, welcoming and incredibly skilled her classes are nothing less than a joy.
Kristen Weatherby
5 years ago

I won't take yoga from anyone else...

I've taken yoga classes in the US, France and the UK for 15 years and have never had a better teacher than Fredee. The group classes are different every week, tailored to the issues of the participants and the season. The mood is relaxed and fun and I always feel better afterward. Fredee's individual sessions are also beneficial and a real treat.
Marian Kearney
5 years ago

Inspiring Teacher

I can honestly say Fredee inspired my love of yoga. She is a superb teacher who teaches in an inclusive and compassionate way. I recently had a cervical spinal operation and had to miss classes for about a month. I really missed my yoga and Fredee welcomed me back to class with great warmth even though I couldn't do much. Now, some 5 months later I am much improved and Fredee's class has been instrumental in my recovery. Fredee gives every student her full attention and her classes are also fun and joyful.
Sue Mayer
5 years ago

Simply the best

I started a beginner's class with Fredee some while after spinal surgery to try to conserve as much movement as possible and to work on my posture to help reduce back pain. I improved quite quickly and really enjoyed the classes. Fredee is an inspiring teacher, attentive to each of her class and quick to correct alignment when necessary. Recently the osteoarthritis that has plagued me for years has spread to my knees, limiting what I can do, and Fredee is quick to adapt the posture to my ability. She also facilitates a friendly, supportive atmosphere in the class and makes yoga fun so we all really look forward to Friday mornings.
Louise Edwards
5 years ago

Best teacher ever

Wish I had found Fredee's classes sooner. I've been a loyal follower of her classes in London and Marlow for years, the best body work teaching ever. As someone with balance and mobility issues I totally love Fredee's ability to both nurture and challenge me - at the same time! After an ankle fusion operation a year ago Fredee's skill in adapting yoga for me throughout the rehabilitation period really helped my recovery. Her classes physically and mentally energise and refresh.
Isidora Moir
5 years ago

Easily best yoga classes I’ve taken in years. Rather energising, ones that really make you want to go as often as you can ( I do two a day on Wednesdays whenever poss) and look forward to them tremendously Fredee is very holistic , intuitive and everybody in the class feels like the class is ‘tailored’ to their need at the time, it be emotional or physical. These classes are special and the effects are rather long lasting. Totally recommend it
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