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Delhi, the National capital of India is one of the most tireless and most densely populated cities in the world where one has to be dynamic all the time. Here, the theory of adaptation works on how driven you are to achieve a name and establish an identity. While the competition is at a peak, our health and fitness should also be great so that we can cope up with the challenges. Aum Yoga Shala and its team of ace Yoga guides welcome you to join Yoga classes in Delhi for a robust body and mind.
About the program: 
The primary aim of the Yoga training is to help you get a healthy mind and body. At Aum Yoga Shala Yoga studio in Delhi, the teachers interact directly with the aspirants and help them in various practices individually. Have a look at the highlights of the program:
• Learning the importance of Yoga in modern life and how to include Yoga in daily life.
• Knowledge of various Yoga poses along with their practice.
• Introduction to the breathing practice of Yoga with Pranayama.
• Know how Pranayama helps in a number of diseases.
• To remain calm and composed even during stiff situations, take part in Meditation sessions.
• Learn about the health benefits of each asana.
• Workshop on specific diseases to cure them with the help of various Yoga practices.
• An introduction to Chair Yoga to help you practice Yoga even in the chair.
• Making of intensive body muscles with the higher standard of Yoga poses.
• Education of how a healthy and yogic routine should be.
About Aum Yoga Shala: Having conducted multiple Yoga Classes in Gurgaon and Delhi, Aum Yoga Shala is one of the most popular Yoga studios in Delhi NCR. The Yoga Shala is based on the principle of AUM mantra and is committed to making people aware of the enormous benefits of Mantra Yoga. Along with the Daily yoga classes in gurgaon, the Yoga center also organizes Yoga retreats, Yoga Teacher Training, Corporate Yoga, along with many other health and wellness programs.


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