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India has always been the guiding light in the field of global enlightenment in which the science of Yoga has played a crucial role. Keeping all the mental and physical agonies at bay, attain the yogic height with Yoga Alliance teacher training in India. Get an all-around idea of what a holistic life is and delve deeper into the soulful discipline with the month-long training in India.

About the program: 
The Yoga training course will work as life-changer moments by instilling the theories and practices of Yoga in you. Have a look at the principal highlights of the program:
• The understanding of Hatha Yoga science is a major part of our training program.
• Along with the traditional Yoga forms, learn about the basics of modern Yoga practices.
• The training of breath (Shwaasa) is our key component in the training as it helps in invoking pranic energy to the body.
• Study the practical teachings associated with Yoga.
• Learn about the anatomical aspect of Yoga practice to understand the effects of Yoga on the body.
• Bring attentiveness to the mind with serious Meditation sessions.
• Practical experience of being a Yoga teacher and improve your teaching skill.
• Advancement in the asanas with Adjustment and Alignment training.
• The knowledge of Ayurveda to understand its theories of a wholesome life.
• Internal purification with Shat Kriyas and mental positivity with Mantra Chanting.

Food and Accommodation: 
Our team of professional chefs is known for preparing heart-touching meals that are based on the Ayurvedic style of diet. While enjoying the sattvic food, your mind, body, and soul get healed in a holistic way and become healthy enough to bear intensive training. All the rooms in which the students live are adorned with major sources of coziness and homely feelings. The ashram is perfectly designed in the Vedic style to let you embrace an exotic atmosphere of Yoga.

About Shwaasa: 
Shwaasa institute of Yoga is a trusted brand when it comes to offering authentic Yoga education. Principled on the teachings of Shwaasa Guru, the Yoga school is extremely popular among the aspirants who love to witness traditional Yoga in its purest form. Every year, the Yoga center illuminates hundreds of yogic minds with its multiple programs such as Yoga classes in bangalore, Yoga TTC, Himalayan Yoga retreats, etc.


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