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Wise Blue Owl Therapy Centre

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We provide, Hypnotherapy,Counselling,Psychotherapy,NLP,EFT,CBT, Complete mind therapy in Ashford in Surrey.

We also provide Reiki and Shamanic spiritual healing and training courses.

Wise Blue Owl Therapy Centre may be able to help you if you are suffering with:

  • Anxiety,Stress
  • Phobia or Fear
  • Disorders like: PTSD, sleep or eating
  • Sleep Disorder
  • Weight loss issues
  • Lack of Self Confidence
  • Addiction or abuse

Qualifications and experience

Wise Blue Owl Therapy Centre is run by two qualified and renowned therapists – Alan Piper and Kate Hudson-Hall. With a wealth of experience, we offer several effective treatments and therapies.Both Alan and Kate of Wise Blue Owl Therapy have a wealth of experience in emotional and mental health services. 


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Wise Blue Owl Therapy Centre
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