Wiltshire Acupuncture Practice

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Acupuncture is a system of healing which has been practiced in China and other eastern countries for thousands of years. Although often described as a method of pain relief, it is in fact used to treat people with a wide range of illnesses. Its focus is on improving the overall well being of the patient, rather than the isolated treatment of specific symptoms.

That’s why Oriental medicine has been the first choice for countless millions of people over thousands of years.

George Dellar is the principal of the Wiltshire acupuncture practice and graduated from the South West College of Oriental Medicine after a thorough training in traditional acupuncture and western medical sciences appropriate to the practice of acupuncture. He is also a qualified Shiatsu practitioner and has been a teacher of Oriental medicine since 1995. He teaches independently and for the European Shiatsu School (ESS) and other independent schools in Europe. He is fully insured and maintains the common standards of ethics, disciplines and practice to ensure the health and safety of his clients and students at all times.

Treatments are available in the Wiltshire Acupuncture Practice at Christmas House, Winterbourne Monkton, (Nr. Avebury) Wiltshire, UK. Regular courses are run for acupuncture, shiatsu and complementary  practitioners.



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Wiltshire Acupuncture Practice
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