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HOW TO live younger longer by reversing your biological age 20+ years, exactly as I have done, as measured against standard biomarkers of ageing, by stimulating your own Human Growth Hormone (HGH) production.

Life style, nutrition and strength training all contribute to your biological age, but it is strength training alone that impacts on every biomarker of ageing.

Accordingly I promote . . .The Bench Press Challenge as the golden key to mobilising your own HGH.

The Bench Press Challenge is to raise awareness that muscle wastage, loss of bone density and plummeting Human Growth Hormone  levels can be reversed at any age – Strength training will ensure mobility, thus independence, and thus dignity into advanced old age.
I urge every pensioner, man or woman, and of every nationality to enter The Bench Press Challenge and start reaping the literally life saving benefits – saving billions in health care costs in the process. That is my message. That is my mission.


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William Faro
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William Faro