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Weight loss, Detox and Nutrition Spa, Italy

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Ti Sana helps you to discover a more health way of living amidst stunning surroundings in the Lombardy region of Italy. Their signature program Healtheatarian combines a scientific approach with a unique Italian style designed to help you:

  • Lose weight
  • Improve stress related issues or MUS (medically unexplained symptoms) such as insomnia, gastrointestinal problems, chronic fatigue, anxiety
  • Prevent chronic degenerative diseases (cancer, stroke, autoimmune disease..), reduce aging, boost your energy and improve quality of life
  • Help people to learn how set up and manage their lifestyle according with their own routine


helping you to get to the root of any problems and is designed to arm you with the tools necessary to live the healthiest life possible. Nutrition is the key to healthy living and Ti Sana will show you how to change your diet so that it works for you. Add to this transformative spa treatments and luxurious surroundings you’ll leave feeling like a newer better version of yourself.


The nutritional programs are tailor made paying special attention to foods that help with the elimination of toxins and the regeneration of the body.
A combination of raw and cooked plant-based ingredients are offered with a gourmet touch to inspire and treat your body appropriately with a holistic approach.
Ti Sana offers diagnostic medical testing to ascertain areas of stress or imbalance in the body.
Activities will be provided to encourage you to relax and gently boost your fitness.
Teaching will be both theoretical and practical (with educational, cooking classes, personal or group physical activity)


World Luxury Spa Awards winners 2011,2012,2014
WellHotel certified
Luxury Lifestyles Awards winner 2014
Luxury Travel Guide Global Award winners 2016
World Luxury Spa Awards winner 2016
The Bizz 2016


Ti Sana invites you to come and experience the Healtheatarian program in Italy for a 4, 7, 10 night stay. You will receive a personalised medical and nutritional consultation as well as specialised treatments which include angel of Water colonics, Integrated Diagnostics, Regamtex and PPG elctro medical treatment, Aesthetic consultation,3 Spa appointments, Facial treatment, Daily phyiscal activities, Educational classes and a personalised diet plan.



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