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Wave GoodBye To Back Pain

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Lower Back pain relief

These books are about the personal journey I took to recover from a major back problem. A problem from which one health care professional stated that I would never walk properly again. A consultant neurosurgeon stated that unless I changed my lifestyle I would be in a wheelchair at 50.

Well I did not have surgery, can walk properly and clearly I am not wheel chair bound – I’ll leave you to judge my age!

I chose to be deaf to one comment and listen to the other. I did radically change my lifestyle. In so doing I researched a huge range of subject areas. Some fascinating, some useful, some useless, some low cost, some very expensive. After all of this exploration I discovered a way that worked for me – a way that could work for you.

I have spoken with dozens of people who have had back pain and complain about their problem. Who have suffered, sometimes in silence and sometimes rather less quietly, over a period of years. Fundamentally there was one thing that I did that made the difference. It is the one thing that most people do not do.

In these books I have authored I explain a vast number of things that will help almost anyone with a back problem. Many are small easy things that can be done straight away. It explains what the one substance is that you almost certainly consume everyday that will slow your recovery. It explains why your desk is the height it is, which is probably the wrong height by the way – and only one person I have ever met has ever known why!

If you have never suffered with back pain you are in the minority but sadly the statistics say your turn will probably come. Prevention is better than cure we hear so frequently, so why is the pharmacy counter is piled high with pills and potions that provide the ‘quick fix’ but no lasting cure?

I do hope you never suffer like I did and if you wish to help cure yourself or someone you care about would this week be a great time to mouse click to an alternative to back pain. Or even invest in some prevention.

So what is that one thing I did? Well, I took action.

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Peter Johnson


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I Beat Back Pain - Peter Johnson
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