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Ulla Smart Hydration Reminder

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  • DEVELOPED AND TESTED BY DOCTORS AND ENGINEERS. Ulla is the world’s first water bottle accessory that motivates you to stay perfectly hydrated around the clock. It was developed by doctors, engineers and people with bad hydration habits. Costumer analysis shows Ulla users drink 2-3 times more water than they did before, but the most important is they feel have less headaches, more energy and generally drinking more water puts them in a good mood – everyday.
  • 100% STAND-ALONE WITH EXCITING FEATURES! Ulla is 100% automatic so you don’t have to worry about switching it on and off, or fiddling around with any settings. Ambient sensors automatically activate Ulla in the morning and turn it off at night. And no annoying sound alerts means Ulla is a perfect companion for your workplace. Combined with proximity sensor that senses when you are near it Ulla guarantees long battery life.
  • ATTACHES TO ANY BOTTLE OR GLASS. With its clever design Ulla will turn any bottle or a glass into a hydration reminder in less than 5 seconds. It works with bottles of any shape, size & material and can even be attached to a regular drinking glass so you can get proper hydration anytime and anywhere.
  • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE HYDRATION MOTIVATOR. Ulla will automatically activate when, for example, you arrive at your desk in the morning – reminding you to fill up your bottle and take your first drink of the day. Ulla follows an optimal hydration interval that reminds you to drink precious H20 at least 2 times per hour, no matter how busy you are. Packed with movement, tilt and light sensors, Ulla detects when you drink, and begins to blink only when you forget to take regular sips.
  • NEVER FORGET TO DRINK WATER AGAIN. 70% of people don’t drink enough water. If you are one of those busy people who forget to drink water, Ulla is a perfect solution for you. No need to buy a new bottle, just attach Ulla to your existing one and enjoy the benefit of drinking up to 3x more water a day.


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Jo Fellowes
4 years ago

Now getting the right level of hydration

I've had this for about 3 weeks now and it's definitely made a difference to the amount of water I'm drinking. It's great to have consistent reminders throughout the day which has resulted in me having more energy. I have bought some for several family members and they love theirs too. Be even better when they can link with your fitness wearable to give stats on that. Definitely recommend these.

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