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Are you one of the millions of people that start a new diet in the hope that this will be the one?
This time you will lose the weight for good, only to regain every lb you’ve lost plus extra?
If this sound like you I can help!

This was also me up until April 2013 when I decided to change my life forever! After losing 11 stone and studying to become a Weight Loss Practitioner I decided to set up my Health and Lifestyle Coaching business, Truly Nourished. I have since then furthered my study and have completed a course in nutrition and eating psychology.

There’s not a diet out there that I haven’t tried and after suffering depression and anxiety until I found my way out I continued the diet/ binge cycle for many years. Now I want to help YOU to overcome your food and weight issues in a positive way that will change your way of thinking about losing weight forever!

Healthy eating and healthy body image is more than just losing your excess weight, I can help you to not only find your healthy weight but to also find your ‘happy’ weight, to remove your negative association with certain foods and to help you change your eating habits for life. My mission is to help women to love their mind, their bodies, and to love food again. Food is part of our life, we eat every day, we socialise around food and for some, food is also a comfort so I want to help you find a positive relationship with food, I will help you to change your mind set about food and dieting.

My background in baking and as a self-taught home cook has been recognised in award nominations and as a winning contestant On the BBC TV show The Box with James Martin. I can help you plan your meals, clear out your kitchen of foods that contain chemicals and help you shop for nutrient rich foods that will change your taste buds and give you the tools to change your attitude to eating well and cooking great food that is healthy for the mind, body and soul.

Whether you need help identifying your food related issues, how to shop for nourishing foods or if you need help with meal planning and recipes we can find a way to finding a healthier, happier, Truly Nourished you.


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