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I originally trained as a chiropractor in the UK, graduating in 1995 and was always fascinated that some ‘non-chiropractic’ conditions like high blood pressure and angina would improve with spinal therapy.I was also fascinated that seemingly spine related problems like back pain and sciatica would only get better when people improved their diet.

Three of my grandparents had high blood pressure and diabetes, and one of them died before I was born of a heart attack, so it was always something of concern to me. When my father started blood pressure medication at 55, despite being slim, and not stressed I started actively researching what could be done. To cut a long story short, I tracked down and trained with some of the best functional nutritionists in the world, learned some functional neurology and then enrolled in the Cardiovascular Health Institute (CHI) founded by top US cardiologist Dr Jack Wolfson.

I’m proud to say I am the first official CHI trained Holistic Heart Specialist in the UK. Because the leading causes of back pain, arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease are similar, I have developed programs to help most people that wish to get out of pain, get off drugs, and live well again. Thanks to the power of the internet I am now growing an online ‘virtual practice’ and offer a number of services, from second opinions on ‘everything is normal’ blood tests, a 7 Week Anti-Ageing Program, all the way up to a 6 month ‘Exponential Health’ coaching program.


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