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The Life Pilot is a well being consultancy who specialises in Stress Management, using a range of techniques taken from my background in counselling and coaching I can help people identify their stressors and be able to control their stress levels more effectively. I also help people learn to consciously relax using relaxation therapy, these techniques are great to combat anxiety disorders as well as general wellbeing.


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6 years ago

stress management

Excellent to talk to someone who has been there, and done that, So speaks from experience! Brilliant at showing, rather than telling me how to deal with my stress,, after a few sessions my shoulders were no longer up around my ears! this lady has skills, thank you so much happier person, and as a result children, and partner.
6 years ago

Brilliant - has helped me a lot

The Life Pilot has not only managed to help me with identifying and dealing with stress triggers but also has helped put plans in place to manage some of the causes of the stress. I now have a full plan of how to best organise my time to manage things in easy chunks rather than trying to deal with everything at once. I work in a very high stress enrivonment with multiple large scale projects happening at the same time. For a highly professional service I would recommend.
6 years ago

Very relaxing sessions

The Life Pilot was recommended by a family member to help with my anxiety attacks, the relaxation therapy sessions were tailored to my needs and very relaxing, I continue to use the life pilot to help me deal with my anxiety
6 years ago

Fantastic Stress Management Therapy In Bath

The Life Pilot is a fantastic stress management coach who really helped me recognise my stress triggers and talked me through how to deal with them. The sessions were really useful and good value for money. I would definitely recommend this service.
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