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Nutritional Therapy and Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

(1:1 and Groups, In Person or Online/Skype for private and corporate clients)

In the Health Heroine Nutrition Clinic Aileen works with people who’d love to feel healthier and would like to explore how nutrition centred-wellbeing may support their health goals.

Offering in-person consultations, plus telephone and Skype sessions to clients, who would like:

  • Support with an existing health condition?
  • Help unravelling a myriad of niggling symptoms
  • To swap feeling ‘tired all the time’ with HIGH FLYING ENERGY
  • Are concerned about developing a familial health condition

If you’re answering YES to any of these questions, you may be surprised to know that a Personalised Nutrition Plan along with a programme of supportive guidance and expertise can help you make a start on an easy healthy food and lifestyle approach.

By working with Aileen you will easily take CONTROL of your Health and Life. Programmes focus on helping you make simple changes that work alongside commitments to your family, business and having a full life. Aileen will share her nutritional knowledge alongside her love of good food and experience of working with clients just like you.


Please Book a COMPLIMENTARY CALL with Aileen (via website). You’ll have an opportunity to share your health history and personal health goals and Aileen will be able to assess how she may be able support you and direct you to the best programme for you.

Nutritional Programmes

There are 3 stages in Aileen’s programmes. Starting with an initial consultation and an analysis of your requirements, followed by designing your personalised plan(suggestions for food, supplements and screening tests) and completing with a programme of follow up consultations, check in calls and progress reviews (dependant on your preferences).

Corporate and Business Services

You may choose from a range of services including Wellbeing Programmes and Consultancy, Workshops, Seminars, Health Awareness Days, Wellbeing APP, Body Composition Testing and our flagship Nutrition Challenge Programme.

Training and Qualifications

Diploma in Nutritional Therapy (DipION)
Aileen trained at the renowned Institute For Optimum Nutrition in London.

Member Associations

Registered with the British Association for Applied Nutritional Therapy (BANT)
Full member of this professional body for Nutritional Therapists, members are obliged to abide by their strict Code of Ethics, be fully insured and undertake regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as encouraged by the organisation.

Registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)
A registered member of this organisation means that Aileen has provided proof of training and experience within the field, is professionally insured and I abides by the CNHC’s Code of Conduct, Performance and Ethics.

The Health Heroine on Total Wellness Club


Rated 5 / 5 based on 8 reviews.
Aileen Smith on Total Wellness Club
8 votes
2 years ago

Amazing service

I came to Aileen after suffering with an eating disorder. Aileen helped me learn how to feed my body with the nutrients that's needed in a easy and straight forward way. Aileen gives many different nutritional activities to help and educate which is fabulous. I really recommend this service, I found it invaluable. 


Verified Review

Jane R
3 years ago

Absolutely High Flying Energy

I came to Aileen having had problems with trying to lose weight and feeling tired all of the time. Aileen listened carefully to everything I had to say about my various issues and put together an easy to follow comprehensive programme for me. This was combined with a supportive supplement plan. Aileen was both knowledgeable and helpful and promptly returned and email concerns I had with clear and helpful advice. I would highly recommend Aileen. Although I occasionally slip back into bad habits I now recognise the tiredness signs straight away and use Aileen's notes to get me back on track. Aileen's advice and plans are not a quick fix diet (thankfully) but lifelong eating advice to form good habits to ensure that health and well-being is at the forefront of it all. I'd highly recommend Aileen. She is very very knowledgeable.


Verified Review

David Forster
4 years ago

Zest For Life

Aileen provide a very comprehensive package using the Zest For Life Programme. It allowed me to hit my goals. The one-to-one calls proved essential in fine tuning my requirements and dietary needs.

I cannot praise Aileen enough for her personal approach and advice. 


Verified Review

Sue Nobbs
4 years ago

I am relieved and delighted

Aileen has supported me over several years and more importantly educated me. Chronic constipation was a severe & life long problem which started in my early teens. Aileen has introduced changes in my diet, and rectified several bad habits. I am now 100% free of this debilitating and stressful condition.

I am relieved and delighted - so much so that I have now asked Aileen to help guide me towards maintaining a healthy brain into old age. Both of my parents suffered from Dementia and Aileen has done a lot of research into ways in which I can stave off memory impairment through diet. Aileen once said to me "eat to feed your body" (not to fill yourself up). Simple advice which (most of the time) guides what I put into my mouth.

Without Aileens advice I would be ignorant to the fact that nutrition plays a massive part in all areas of health


Verified Review

4 years ago

Steady and Real Improvement

We engaged Ayleen as a couple to help us with better nutrition and weight loss. Her information, advice and help has been very easily understood and very workable and continues to guide us after many months.

Our diet and wellbeing has greatly improved under her kind, gentle but purposeful approach


Verified Review

Linda Thomason
4 years ago

Professional Nutritional Advice Needed

I found Aileen after searching the internet for a qualified nutritionist as I was having some health issues I needed help with.  Aileen was very professional and took a comprehensive health history before our first appointment.  I found the follow up telephone appointments very useful and Aileen always sent a post appointment email with the consultation details so I could review them if necessary.  In between appointments Aileen always answered my emails and queries promptly and I felt that the whole programme was value for money. I am happy to say that she has helped my health problems and I would definitely recommend her services to others.


Verified Review

4 years ago

General Health

Needed to lose some weight and generally look at my diet to get a little more energy.

Aileen was great for non-judgemental advice whilst being patient and accepting that 'Rome wasn't built in a day'. The result was a steady weight loss with the addition of some supplements giving extra energy both physically and mentally.

Would certainly recommend.

4 years ago

Nutrition and Ulcerative Colitis

I'd being told from doctors that diet and nutrition had nothing to do with Ulcerative Colitis. Deep down I believed in the old saying that “we are what we eat ". Aileen gave me the confidence to regain control of my diet knowing that a nutritionally planned diet based on current research combined with the correct supplements would in time have a positive effect on my health. I still take medication from the hospital, but I believe that my body is stronger and healthier and my outlook more positive for the future.


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