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The Emotional Freedom Techniques

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The Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as Meridian Tapping Techniques or just Tapping, are a range of procedures that combine the use of light acupressure with conversation to resolve a specific problem. They look very odd and it is hard for many people to initially believe that they will work. However, they are often extremely quick and effective, whether believed in or not!

The basic techniques are very simple and can be learned in 10 minutes by anybody for self work – as in this video. However, in order to resolve the deeper underlying issues, it is important to work with a skilled practitioner who will know how to ask the right questions and listen effectively in order to help you pinpoint and eliminate the specific problem. The symptom that you want to treat will often have a deep root cause that seems completely unrelated.

Unlike many other forms of therapy, EFT is extremely gentle and does not usually require bravery or the facing up to a problem to resolve it. This is because the tapping procedure eliminates the energetic blocks attached to the problem, therefore allowing any stored negative emotions to be released. Therefore, it is very effective in dealing with trauma, fear, phobia, grief and other issues that could be hard to face up to.

While it is possible to have a very quick ‘eureka’ moment and resolve a problem in one round, some issues have been built up over an entire lifetime, so may take a number of sessions to dissolve. In addition, sessions may take an unexpected direction as new aspects come to the surface. However, EFT is often much quicker than ‘traditional’ forms of therapy.

I am able to offer sessions either face to face for those living in the Bristol area or by phone/skype if you are further afield. Both can be equally effective.

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Sam Neffendorf


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7 years ago

Powerful stuff!

The one to one sessions with Sam were quite simply amazing. I had no idea what to expect and had no preconceptions about an outcome. I found the concept and action so simple that I didn't really think much could possibly be achieved, but boy, was I wrong... What I am sure of is that a healing within me has taken place. For which I will always be grateful.
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