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The Back Champion

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Dont let back pain rule your life

Pain in any area of your back can impact massively on day-to-day life. Any sufferer will know how restrictive and debilitating back issues can be.

So when back sufferer Peter Johnson, The Back Champion™, was told by doctors he could be in a wheelchair by 50, he resolved to cure his pain.

His award-winning book ‘I beat back pain so can you’ tells Peter Johnson’s inspirational journey from crippling inability to move around his own home to leading a group of walkers up to the base camp of the highest mountain in Tibet.

Already the winner of 4 prestigious literary prizes, ‘I Beat Back Pain So Can You’ is an insightful blend of anecdotal experience with practical advice and recommendations. It offers real-life guidance on movement, flexibility, diet, driving and many more daily activities.

Author Peter Johnson: “I could not sit, stand or lie without being wracked in pain. People are amazed how I have transformed my life telling me to share my journey of how to regain full mobility and live a perfectly ‘normal’ life again. I take no medication, use no appliances, nor have I had back surgery or injections. I am not a medical practitioner – just someone determined to get better.”


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