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Sunshine Yoga UK

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Yoga with Jemima

I’ve been practicing yoga for 20 years. I first discovered it through a friend and loved how it quietened my thinking and eased my body of tension. As my practice progressed, I began to notice how yoga was a huge metaphor and instruction booklet for living well. Yoga resets the body, brings us back to neutral and illuminates the space between what we think (our minds) and who we really are. Unlearning stressful patterns of behaviour frees up energy for enjoyment, learning and love and supports good health in body and mind.

I understand the juggling of work and family life, the creative chaos of being an artist and the contrariness of existing as a human being. This practice is a balm for all those things and provides the foundations for our steadiness, from where we are able to navigate ups, downs, fasts and slows with more ease.


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