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Soul Purpose Expert

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Soul Journeys® is an international Miracle-Rich, Referral-Based, Soul Coaching business.  We provide a range of transformational programs and products to help you gain crystal clarity on your purpose, remove the blocks that hold you back from living your most abundant, joyous path, and even coach you on how to create a purpose-based business if you feel like that is the next step for you!  Whether you need divine guidance on purpose, relationship, healing your money story, or creating a thriving conscious business, we’re here to help!

Our clients rave about our high-level private coaching programs which are a perfect fit for individuals who year for personalized attention and are 100% ready to invest in themselves and move forward at an accelerated pace.

Our most popular programs are our group trainings regarding the energy of money and the energy of business.  Hundreds of students have participated and have created amazing results from our content-rich virtual trainings which allow you to participate from anywhere in the world – how does it get any better than that?!

We are most known for our comprehensive certification programs where we training consultants and teachers to offer Akashic Records readings/classes and Heal Your Money Story consultations and training (we help you clear the issues in your money tissues).  Jennifer Longmore, founder and CEO has conducted more than 20, 000 readings, has taught 1000’s of students on spiritual growth, and prior to owning her own business, was a forensic investigator so she brings a wealth of wisdom to the programs about energy, human behavior, universal consciousness and much more!

Essentially, we are your one-stop-shop for all things soul purpose.  You can learn more by visiting and while you’re there, be sure to downloaded your free Soul Acceleration System which is an audio training to help you gain even more clarity on our soul’s purpose!  Claim yours at

Jennifer Longmore


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Soul Purpose Expert
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