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Overcoming your sleep problems

If you are suffering from sleep problems then you will know how utterly debilitating they can be.  Sleep issues can contribute to a reduced immune system or lead to more serious illnesses.

Some sleep problems can be caused by naturally occurring electromagnetic fields located near a bed or bedroom.

How your sleep problems can be solved

Electromagnetic fields can be re-balance and harmonised in order to alleviate problems. The process we go through to change this is known as dowsing.

Qualifications, associations and experience

Tim Walter has been a professional dowser for 4 years. He uses dowsing to uncover, improve or alleviate aspects effecting a person’s sleep.

Dowsing is a very practical process used by many Utility Companies to locate underground pipes and water leaks. Police Forces have also been known to use this method to find missing people and the Army have used it to find enemy mines and tunnels. Dowsing is also used in oil and mineral exploration.

Remove your sleep problems now

If you are suffering from sleep issues try Dowsing with Tim Walter.

The service includes:

  • An initial session to collect information via a floorplan to compile the report
  • A remote re-balancing/clearing session
  • A face to face skype session to establish the efficacy of the re-balancing work and to check if anything else is required
  • A second re-balancing/clearing session

Dowsing sleep problem service Lowest Price – £320.00



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Tim Walter Geomancy Report
3 votes
5 years ago

Definitely feeling the benefit!

I didn’t want to let the moment pass by without a proper thank you for all the work you did on my sleep issues. Things have really improved for me on lots of levels and the sleep department is definitely feeling the benefit!
5 years ago

I'm getting proper sleep!

So lovely to speak with you on the phone last night, I can't believe how spot on you were in your report about so many things. Can you imagine what it's been like for the last few years without any decent sleep? I felt appalling. I must apologise for babbling on so much, but I was just so excited about getting some proper sleep! So, many, many thanks for that, - still can't believe I'm getting proper sleep! Wow, I'm a different person, - more like the old me.
5 years ago

Subtle and non-intrusive

I've always had trouble with sleeping and I've tried various different suggestions and options. None have seemed to improve my sleep, so I thought I'd try Tim's readings. Tim's work is subtle and non-intrusive. He worked on the magnetic fields in my room and I have been advised to move my phone away from my bedside table. Since doing so, I have slept a longer and more solidly than previously before and I am happy that I have made some progress with my sleep problem.

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