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My name is Sheila Blamire and I am a qualified and registered Life Coach (member of the NCP).   One of my niche specialist areas is working with people in addiction recovery.  I also specialise in time line therapy; trauma and negative memories; positive emotions and feelings; stress and anxiety; relationship issues; spiritual and personal development and growth.  I have worked with sole traders to gain perspective on future business ideas and to start up small businesses.  I use NLP tools and techniques and introduce clients to working tools for continued self empowerment and development. 
Theta Healing Practitioner (Advanced) –  Working via the Theta brainwave, accessing the subconscious and using muscle testing,  enables me to bypass the conscious mind allowing the individual to access and change negative beliefs, emotions, programmes, physical pain. It is fast, effective and life changing.
Reiki –  Reiki  is subtly balancing, healing and calming – I work intuitively and have been qualified as a Master for a number of years.  During a session I will balance every aspect of the person (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual).  As a Master I teach Levels 1, 2 and 3 (Master).  My courses are affordable and I am happy to teach on a 1:1 basis or in a larger group. Learning Reiki is a joy, and this is a great opportunity for spiritual and self development.  


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