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Sasha Langman McTimoney Chiropractor

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I am a registered chiropractor. My techniques are all low force. I can help with muscle and joint symptoms and posture. I also offer Emmett Lymphatic Drainage Massage. Optional chiropractic maintenance “wellness care” is available to all patients after their initial course of chiropractic treatment. No obligation, informal spinal checks are available at all clinics by appointment.

Sasha Langman

Brief history and skills base

I have been working at the clinic since it opened in 1995. My original training was in McTimoney Chiropractic. I am also trained in a variety of other healing modalities. They are all low force, involving accuracy and/or speed. I use Emmett Muscle Management and Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Koren Specific Technique and I give Reiki treatments. My main techniques have their own tabs on this website. I am a registered UK EMM-Tech course tutor.

Chiropractic treatment

I generally prefer to mix my skills base within each treatment to suit the individual case. I find this provides a faster, longer lasting resolution than using the techniques alone. It is reasonable for new clients to expect 2-4 visits. However treatment is given to suit each individual as no two people are exactly alike.

Interactive McTimoney chiropractic public workshops

Public workshops are available. See the tab on this website and the McTimoney website link above for general information about the McTimoney Chiropractic technique.

Wellness care

After their initial course of treatment many clients chose to attend for maintenance treatment. I offer cost-effective chiropractic maintenance. The frequency depends on each individual and takes into account their age, general health, lifestyle and personal preference. 2-3 visits/year has proved to be the most common average frequency for attendance in practice.

EMM-tech one day courses

This is a fun, hands on one day course that is available to the public. Courses are for a group of 4 participants and are held at the clinic. See the tab on this website and the EMM-tech website link above for more details.

Emmett lymphatic drainage massage treatment

I provide this massage separately from my other treatments. The sessions last for 30 minutes. See the Emmett tab on this website and the Emmett website link above for more information.

Reiki treatments

I am trained in both Usui and Karuna Reiki ®. This is a far less physical and more abstract approach to healing. The sessions last for 1 hour and are individually tailored to suit the client. A general website link is available above.


Qualifications, associations and experience

In practise for 21 years
Registered UK EMM – tech tutor
Cost effective body maintenance
Suitable for all ages including babies and children to ensure efficient growth and development
Helps reduce the effects of routine body wear and tear
Low force lymphatic drainage massage is also available

Effective wellness care is 2-4 treatments/year


Rated 5 / 5 based on 4 reviews.
4 votes
5 years ago

I highly recommend this treatment - Sasha has helped me for a good few years now, She really listens to your problem and with her various knowledge treats accordingly.
5 years ago

I have been seeing Sasha for a number of years, primarily for treatment of a chronic lower back problem. Sasha listens well, and takes a whole body/whole health approach which I like. Her treatments have always worked for me, and are completely pain-free.
5 years ago

I have been going to see Sasha for several years now. I go for a fast track appointment every 4 months, this keeps me pain free and well balanced.
5 years ago

had back problems for years, but Sasha sorted the problem, I go for checks occasionally now, as she keeps me well balanced and pain free,
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Sasha Langman