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Helping Women Reclaim, Enliven & Ignite their Erotic Genius With Tantric & Taoist Practices FEATURED

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Inspiring succulence and erotic genius in women while helping them come alive in body, heart and mind, Saida Desilet’s work has been said to be a unique blend of modern innovation and lead-edge research with a flavour of both Tantric & Taoist practices. Connecting with your erotic genius and natural succulence means more aliveness in your heart and more inspiration in your mind and more freedom as a [sensually & sexually awakened & embodied] woman. Pleasure is a choice, it’s non-negotiable, and it changes the World. Its cultivation is your invitation to discover your own unique brand of femininity while becoming more artful with your sensual/sexual self. Do you believe there’s a limit to your pleasure? Have you ever bargained for love? Do you wonder how much of your own wildness and sensuality is appropriate (and safe) to express?

Jade Egg Mastery – Online Program

This 8 Week program is endorsed by Dr. Rachel Abrams, Author of the Multi-Orgasmic Woman book and is designed to bring you into a richer, fuller experience of your orgasmic potential. This private online program includes my latest videos, audios, and written instructions in a step-by-step process that awakens your body, heart, and sensual/sexual self. (The program includes never before released meditations and easy to understand Jade Egg practices). Hundreds of women world-wide love are raving about this leading-edge program and have made lasting transformation in their sensual lives. Be warned: This will open you to a WHOLE NEW WORLD OF PLEASURE!


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Rated 5 / 5 based on 3 reviews.
Helping Women World-wide to Reclaim, Enliven, & Ignite their Erotic Genius
3 votes
Brenda Timson
6 years ago

Saida's work is excellent

I've been following and using Saida's techniques for a long time now and it's been great! She has such a great way of turning what could be a awkward topic into something beautiful and empowering. Love Saida and love her work!
Sam Blake
7 years ago

Amazing Teacher of Tantric & Taoist practices

I attended a workshop of Saida's and learned some great tantric & taoist practices. Saida has a really gentle, clear way of facilitating your learning and it meant I was able to feel comfortable and take on her teachings. I love her approach.
7 years ago


I've attended a workshop run by Saida and taken her Jade Egg Mastery Online course. Both were brilliant! Saida has such a beautiful way of guiding you through this work. It's made such a positive difference to me, both personally and in my relationship. I definitely recommend you check out Saida's work.

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