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Ruth Quick

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My health journey began at 14, when I suddenly developed psoriasis covering 70% of my body.  I would have given anything for a quick fix. But deep down I knew that no amount of lotions or potions would be the answer, this was more than skin deep and I knew my healing needed to come from the inside. So I said a fiercely determined, albeit frightened ‘No’ to the dermatologist who told me I would have this condition for ever. I turned down her toxic treatment that she herself had no faith in, and I began my own  adventure towards true, unsuppressed and unmasked health.

Something changed when one step at a time I started caring about myself and treating my body with love and respect. I stopped drinking, smoking and taking drugs, and I started feeding myself natural whole foods. Slowly but surely my skin began to heal… I could get dressed with out cracking and bleeding. I could bare my arms and legs to the world and move my body freely again!

Six years later my beautiful little boy who was then 3 years old reacted very badly to penicillin and he had a devastating flare up of raw, weeping, bleeding and itching like crazy eczema covering most of his body including his eyes. My heart ached so hard for this little darling child who I loved so entirely, and I felt immense gratitude for my own journey and for the experience and knowledge I had gained and could now use to help his skin heal.

In a few months he went from looking like a burns victim, his face raw and swollen, multiple midnight wet wrapping & bloodied sheets, to soft, healthy, glowing skin.

My little boy got his vibrant energy and sparkle back.


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Ruth Quick
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