Digestive problems, weight loss & fertility with Rosie Letts

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Rosie Letts is a Nutritional Therapist. Her passion is helping people like YOU to wave bye-bye to digestive problems, achieve effortless weight loss and re-balance their hormones by establishing a healthy and rewarding relationship with food and your body. Through her signature functional medicine coaching programme Reinvent and her first step programme HealthMOT, she helps people like you to understand and identify the lifestyle factors and physiological processes that are contributing to your condition and then teach you how to restore balance.

How Rosie helps with digestive problems, weight loss & fertility

  • Have you been suffering from digestive problems for longer than you care to recall?
  • Are you a regular with your doctor?
  • Have you been given a variety of diagnoses, with a drug to combat each symptom and further drugs to combat the symptoms of the first batch?
  • Have you tried every diet under the sun and somehow managed to gain weight?
  • Are you anxious because you are ill and ill because you are anxious?
  • Do you need someone to cut to the chase and teach you what you need to know so that you can start feeling confident, energised and focused?

How Rosie works

Roise provides a straight-talking, no frills, no nonsense approach to nutrition. As a woman who questions everything, she doesn’t do ‘one size fits all’. She treats people, not diseases, so the aim of your initial consultation is to delve into your health history and identify WHY you are currently experiencing ill-health. She has a strong background in nutritional medicine and uses the latest scientific research to underpin the highly effective programmes that she carefully designs for each of her clients.

Qualifications, associations and experience

Rosie Letts holds a BSc Hons in Health Science (Nutritional Therapy) from the University of Westminster. She is a full member of BANT and registered with the CNHC. She has also trained with the innovative Institute for Functional Health and is committed to attaining the highest standards of knowledge, competence, integrity and professionalism in the practice of evidence based Nutritional Therapy in Bristol and Bath.

How the service works

Your health MOT begins when you submit a three day food diary for analysis using the latest state of the art dietary analysis software. Rosie then generate a highly personalised report which shows you:

  • Exactly how much energy you need to consume based on your personal anthropometrics, activity level and life stage.
  • Your dietary intake of 60+ nutrients and how these compare to national and sports nutrition guidelines.
  • Which foods in your current diet provide excessive quantities of particular nutrients that are exacerbating your health condition, i.e. salt, sugar…

During your initial 1 hour consultation, which may take place in Bristol or via Skype, you will discuss your current health concerns and goals and Rosie will give realistic, targeted recommendations to improve your diet for optimum health. Her advice is based on her experience working with clients and evidence based functional medicine protocols for specific health conditions. If required she can also design a supplement programme for you to follow.



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