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Can Insurance be exciting?  Yes it can!

Until 2 months ago I thought that insurance was just something that you had to have if you owned a car or you wanted a mortgage, something which when needed you would have to battle and fight to get the money you are due and which you originally insured against.  Well then I met 2 guys who have shown me how you can enjoy having a policy and be happy knowing you have the highest rated insurance in the country to protect yourself and your family with.

By keeping yourself healthy each week, walking a few kilometres each day will enable you to go to the cinema for free each week, go and get your favourite cup of coffee for free.  Stay even more healthy with half price gym membership.  There are a whole host of ways!  And the best bit, if you keep yourself active they will give you cashback each year as a further reward! 

We are all aware of the current health crisis which has brought our NHS to breaking point through obesity and poor health due to smoking.  I want to be able to show everyone how they can make the change for themselves and still be rewarded.  By speaking to individuals, sports clubs, charities and work places, we can make this happen.  Not only is this country massively under insured against any serious illness and death,  we are not thinking about creating a legacy for our future family and loved ones who may struggle should you not be around.  

Please do contact me, whether you have an existing policy, are looking to set one up or you belong to a sports group , charity or company who would like to be involved in what we are doing.

Lets all make a change, I did! 


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Reward Health Life and Health Insurance
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