Prêt-à-Vivre Coaching

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Client comes to me with low self-esteem and struggling with losing weight. She has a long history of crash diets but nothing seems to work and her confidence has taken a bashing.

How Prêt-à-Vivre Coaching can help

Together we take an in depth look at her eating habits. I question her motivation/reasons for losing weight. It’s all about the motivation and that has to be in line with the client’s values.

Qualifications, associations and experience

NLP Life Coach, qualification gained from The Coaching Society, NLP World

How Prêt-à-Vivre Coaching works

45 minutes per coaching session
Sessions are in person (if local),by phone, Skype or web chat
£40 for a one off session, £100 for three sessions or £200 for six sessions
The first consultation is free of charge
There is a questionnaire to be completed before our first session which will help me understand the client’s situation and background



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