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How to overcome dental phobia in Swindon

Dental phobia or fear is the fear of visiting the dentist. Dental phobia can be caused by thinking about the treatment or the environment. It can feel like an unusual or unreasonable fear.

Dental phobia and fear can be so great for some people that they can’t pick up the phone to make an appointment without having a panic attack, nausea, raised blood pressure or a racing heart rate.The consequences of missed dental visits can lead to pain, poor eating habits, loss of teeth and the deterioration of health due to toxins and infection.

Modern Dentistry is far removed from its early days, and when you can walk into a dental clinic, having overcome your dental phobia and fear, you can feel for yourself how much has changed, and how easy it is to look and feel your best.

Imagine what it would be like if you could look in the mirror and feel good about yourself again? Imagine being pain free too. A nice smile is often taken for granted, but not when you have lost confidence in it. A boost to your confidence is priceless and can bring benefits in your career and your love-life.

How Andy Bryce helps you overcome dental phobia in Swindon

Andy Bryce can help you if you live, or can travel to the Swindon area.

Overcome dental phobia online

If you prefer to speak online via Skype, a 1-2-1 session with Andy Bryce can be arranged.

Qualifications, associations and experience

Andy Bryce is one of only 28 founding EFT (Emotional Freed Technique) Masters in the world and certified by the founder of EFT, Gary Craig in 2006. He has over thirty years of experience helping people overcome their fears and limitations using a variety of other tools and techniques. This experience often makes his work successful when others have failed. Helping people overcome dental phobia and fear is one of his specialties.

Andy, has helped hundreds of people release their fears, including dental phobia. He works with you to eliminate the intensity of the emotion related to a dental visit.

Andy Bryce is also the winner of a Bronze Health Hero Award. This award is given based on a high average rating, given by his customers when leaving reviews.

Overcome dental phobia now

Dental phobia and fear sessions are:

  • A maximum 90 minutes
  • Held in person or on Skype
  • £125



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Freedom From Dental Fears

Freedom From Dental Fears is an excellent resource for all those who practise EFT and have the desire to enhance their results and skills. With this complete DVD set, you will discover how to gently and successfully uncover the various aspects and origins of dental anxiety from a true EFT Master, as well as how to effectively assist yourself and others wishing to heal from fears and phobias of every kind.


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