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Developed by Andrew and Carol West and opened in 2011, the Spanish-based centre quickly established itself as an industry leader. It’s gentle and holistic approach to weight loss and controlling serious health conditions, through the Obsidian Programme means it is accessible to people of all ages and abilities.

The programme is unique in its dedication to helping guests achieve the changes in their lives that they yearn for. Andrew and Carol have developed a four component programme based on research and studies by leading advocates for plant based diets including Dr Neal Bernard (author of Reversing Diabetes Through Diet), Dr Colin Campbell (author of The China Study) and Dr Caldwell Essletyne (author of Reversing Heart Disease).

The programme not only allows guests to achieve their goals, but gives them tools and strength to continue and further those goals upon returning home.

Those 4 areas are: Diet, Exercise, Education and Mindset.

A guest’s journey starts by alkalising and detoxing the body through a combination of juices and nutritional plant based meals. This hydrates and packs the body full of vitamins and minerals aiding the natural healing process.

By combining diet with an exercise programme that is suitable for guests of any ability, informative education and bespoke mindset, Obsidian has helped over 6000 people discover, “there is another way.” That’s why over 60% of guests return!

In 2016, we are delighted to announce our new home at the stunning 5 star Marriott La Sella Golf Resort & Spa near Denia, in the northern Costa Blanca, Spain.


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Obsidian Wellness
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