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Nutritional therapy can help with any aspects of health. Sheila has worked in Therapy With Food for the past 10+ years and has practiced within the Archway Health Hub for the past 2 and half years. During that time Sheila has worked with clients with a huge variety of health issues but has now decided to focus her efforts in a more specialised area, namely autoimmune diseases, in particular Ankylosing Spondylitis, which NHS doctors currently describe as incurable and treat with various drugs with potentially serious side effects. 

It is Sheila’s mission to work with clients to help them to find out what is causing their particular autoimmune condition, invariably there will be several/many contributing factors which will all need to be addressed. The process will involve working alongside a G.P. and will also involve tests, some of which a G.P. might do, others will have too be paid for and could cost in the region of between £500 to £2000 in total depending on what crops up in the process.  Supplements will most likely be recommended as well as changes to lifestyle and diet.


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