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Nicole Cunningham, a Homeopathic Health Practitioner with 17 Years of experience has been called the “Mayo Clinic of Alternative Healthcare Practitioners”. 

Serving thousands of clients in her practice, she specializes in treating families who face the challenges of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Hormonal Imbalance, Chronic and Auto Immune Diseases and Weightloss. 

Her line of Homeopathic formulas, PuraForce Remedies, have been tried and tested by hundreds of families. 

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Rated 5 / 5 based on 5 reviews.
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Tracy J
4 months ago

severe mood swings gone

My daughter was developing early for her age, she was getting breast buds and there were signs of hormonal change and severe mood swings. She wasn’t coping with her friends and her school work and I wasn’t coping with her behavior either. After consulting with Nicole and taking the prescribed remedies she is back to her happy self and her development is back to normal. I feel like her puberty is on track now not early and we are managing her diet carefully according to Nicole’s recommendations.


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Kylie M
6 months ago

I now have clear skin

After seeing a Naturopath and doing an aggressive elimination diet I found myself only able to tolerate a handful of foods. I thought the elimination diet was supposed to heal my leaky gut and change my acne, hormonal issues and bloating but I was so much worse. A friend had had great success consulting with Nicole with similar issues, I was skeptical and afraid to get worse but Nicole reassured me and had a solid plan for my health. Six months later and I feel amazing, everyone comments on how clear my skin is and I don’t have to watch what I eat every meal of the day.



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Raina T
11 months ago

I already have more energy, less brain fog

I have suffered from Neurological Lyme disease for 13 years, tried every herbal and nutritional supplement available and nothing has made any difference. I heard Nicole’s testimonial of how she healed her Lyme Disease with her remedies, diet changes, and lifestyle adjustments. I consulted with Nicole and have begun her protocols, for the first time I am feeling hopeful that there may be a better quality of life for me. I already have more energy, less brain fog and have improved cognitive function. I am excited for what I can achieve with Nicole in the next few months, I had previously believed that Lyme Disease was a life sentence.


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Stephanie G
12 months ago

Sorted out my acne within 2 weeks

I originally went to see Nicole so I could get some advice on controlling my adult acne, but Nicole uncovered the real culprit. I had not realized how my digestive system was affecting my entire life, let alone my skin. With a series of easy nutritional changes and Nicole's Digestion Aid Drops, I started to see the difference within 2 weeks.


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Carol A
12 months ago

weaned off the anti-depressants

Nicole has been wonderful in helping me get a handle on my anxiety. I started using Puraforce Remedies for the family to boost our immunity and help with our overall wellness. I was so happy with the results that I decided to have a consultation with Nicole o help me get off my anti-depressants and try a natural approach. We have had several consults and I use Nicole’s prescribed remedies and have now weaned off the anti-depressants and am managing my anxiety naturally.


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