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The Miraculous Self by Art Giser (DVD)

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Most of us have a sense that there is a bigger self that goes far beyond the lim­i­ta­tions of our per­son­ality. Buried under­neath layers of uncon­scious pro­gram­ming and beliefs is your Mirac­u­lous Self.
Your Mirac­u­lous Self has gifts, tal­ents, and abil­i­ties that you have only dreamed of – and this DVD set will take you on a journey to dis­cover this inner magic. Art Giser, the cre­ator of Ener­getic NLP™ will take you through pow­erful ener­getic processes that will allow you to con­nect to your mirac­u­lous self and begin to live a life that is mag­ical, charmed and syn­chro­nistic. Join Art to clear uncon­scious and ener­getic pro­gram­ming that limits your life and your suc­cess, and shuts down your hidden gifts.
You will develop your intuition (your clairvoyance and clairau­di­ence), and open your ability to transform the human energy field with your thoughts. You will feel more authentic and aligned and begin to integrate your Miraculous Self into every aspect of your life.


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