Michael Bernard Beckwith – The Answer is STILL You: Heartsets and Mindsets for Self-Discovery

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In this three-part Online Course, Michael Bernard Beckwith will share how placing the big questions before ourselves is still ultimately courageous and vital.

This three-part online course covers: Questions such as:

Lesson 1: Questioning Your Answers

Questions are a celebration of human inquiry. Societal structures have, however, profoundly conditioned our answers to what it means to live a meaningful life, to thrive and be a beneficial presence on the planet. Michael will facilitate the questioning of your existing solidified opinions, beliefs and perceptions as he compassionately guides you into aligning your matrix of mindsets and heartsets with universal principles, into reclaiming your own inner authority and the inner practices that contribute to an ever-evolving existence as a spiritual being having a human experience.

Lesson 2: Embodying True Abundance

Abundance. Is it new age fluff or a genuine science? Do you need to work hard for it or is it as simple as ordering the “special of the day?” Is financial wealth about the power of thought, luck, fickle fate, karma? The plethora of books written on various abundance themes have a seductive effect on the human psyche, and for good reason, Beckwith claims: “There is a cosmic principle supporting our enthusiastic foray into the terrain of abundance that I call ‘The What and Who Principle.” Join Michael and explore and expand your consciousness of abundance in body, mind, and spirit.

Lesson 3: Living as an Emissary of Peace

“We often stand mute before the awesome mystery of life’s unfolding events,” teaches Michael Bernard Beckwith. “There is a place where the mind stops, where philosophical and theological debates have no relevance, where our religious arrogance halts in the face of That which is un-namable.”

Discover and celebrate as Michael describes our intimate relationship to this Great Something and how it interacts with life’s horrendous and glorious events, and how each of us can take responsible, compassionate action for realizing the deeper reality of human oneness and make possible the wisdom of Pythagoras when he said, “Take courage, the human race is divine.”

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Michael Bernard Beckwith The Answer is STILL You Heartsets and Mindsets for Self-Discovery
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