Melt: massage for couples

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The Melt Video Series is massage for couples.

Massage is a clever way to spend quality time with the person you love most. Make your partner melt with professional grade massage strokes that hit all the right spots with perfect technique. We make you look like a super star, effortlessly and with style!

Massage for Couples

MELT TEACHES COUPLES HOW TO MASSAGE in a way that’s simple to understand and intuitive to your relationship. It’s so easy that you could be massaging your partner tonight, just add massage oil. Nothing like this exists in the world – no one teaches couples how to massage this way.

Melt is the perfect way to bring your relationship closer together, learn something fun together and make each other relax and smile.

Experience and Qualifications

Melt Massage for Couples is the creation of Denis Merkas and his wife, Emma. Denis, is qualified in Acupuncture and remedial massage. In 2000 he started his own clinic, later evolving his work into a massage company called Merkas Health, servicing Melbourne’s leading hotels (and one sublime ski resort) with kick-ass massages. Meanwhile, Emma had a national relationships column in an Australian newspaper for three years, and has has written articles for many glossy magazines and multi-national websites across the internet. Today, Melt is impacting the lives of couples from all over the world. Each month, hundreds and hundreds of couples purchase Melt to use in their own relationships.

What you get with MELT Massage for Couples

  • Instant, unlimited, lifetime access
  • No nudity or awkward moments. You bring as much romance and intimacy as you wish
  • MELT teaches you how to give a 5-minute, 15-minute and epic 30-minute back rub
  • Check out the bundles and the prices… Read more…


Rated 5 / 5 based on 2 reviews.
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2 votes
Jo Fellowes
5 years ago

Gorgeous foot massage

I just purchased the foot massage video tutorial and my husband and I loved it! Really easy to follow along with. It's easy to learn, just the right length, and feels so good. Definitely recommend it.

Verified Review

5 years ago

Create massages and easy to follow

I've been really happy with this programme. The videos are great quality, very tasteful and easy to follow. My husband and I really look forward to our massage time.
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