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Meela offers a unique and reliable platform for new parents to get the resources they need for improving their birth experience. Finding and hiring certified, vetted, and experienced prenatal labor and postpartum professional is easier with Meela. Our community consists of certified, client recommended, and vetted licensed medical professionals. Meela helps new and expecting parents in dealing with challenges like exploring the option for childbirth, getting support in taking care of your little one, learning how to chest feed, providing yourself with some free time to take care of yourself, etc. Whether you are looking for a doula for childbirth, postpartum doula, night nanny, or a location consultant, Meela can help you in your search. Having a large community of professionals enables us to connect 1700 parents with certified, client-recommended, and vetted professionals each month. The platform also offers an opportunity for professionals to increase their business with a few clicks. We welcome people from different communities, races, and ethnicities and maintain a diverse community. For more details about our services, visit our site at &


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