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Ntathu enjoys teaching super busy women, meditation techniques, easy yoga positions for beginners and meditation for beginners, which help you to reduce stress, boost your energy and weave more moments of  calm into your hectic day. Ntathu specialises in working with women over 50 who haven’t exercised for years and are keen to kick-start and  improve your flexibility and overall fitness in a gentle and loving way. 

Author, blogger and writer, Ntathu shares her passion for inner peace and wellness through yoga and meditation in her growing  collection of Amazon Kindle eBooks and YouTube videos. 
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Lisa Guse
6 years ago

Guided Mediation

Watching any video by Ntathu Allen is relaxing, her smile and disposition says it all, You can't not smile watching her. She filmed this in her home on her own, that in itself is love. Hopefully in future videos, she will have the means of a different background with someone to help her film, for a bit better quality, bottom line, I'd rather watch it the way she has produced it than not have it at all. Love Love Love her.
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