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Through my work I support people to birth themselves as empowered beings who can hold their light in any situation, drawing on their experience and inner wisdom. I am blessed to hold space and witness people from all walks of life feeling deeply into their heart’s wisdom and knowledge and through accessing their gifts and talents create an abundant and vibrant life. I do this through group and 1-2-1 sessions, workshops, courses and classes both in person and online from meditation and energy healing to hypnobirthing and Indian Head Massage.


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Katie Noonan
3 years ago


My husband and I attended a hypnobirthing course with Diana. 

We found the course extremely informative and interesting. The course was very relaxed and Diana made us feel safe, secure and welcomed. 

We learnt a lot through the course and it really helped me through a very long labour! 

I would recommend this course with Diana to anyone (and I have done to close friends). 

An amazing course with a remarkable lady.

Thank you Diana! Xx


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Monika Kralj
4 years ago

Transformational healing sessions with Diana

I have received few Transference Healing sessions from Diana and each one of them brought a shift and release of old patterns and habits that weren’t serving me on my path. Diana was holding the space very beautifully and I felt safe and held. If you feel stuck and would like to move forward on your path or if there is anything you need to shift in your life, then I would highly recommend getting in touch with Diana and booking a session with her.


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Aisling McGreevy
4 years ago

Life Changing, Living In Calmness

I have had the absolute pleasure in knowing Diana for some time and have experienced her amazing energy healing from a personal level.  So when it came to our house and the issues we had, she came to our rescue.  Our house is 100 years old and as you can imagine lots of people have lived there over the years, unfortunately some of those souls seemed to get stuck in place and were making our lives very uncomfortable and unsettling.  Enter Diana our Angel who worked with us over the course of a few sessions, clearing all of those old energies and sending them on their way.  Our house is now a place of calm and our sanctuary away from the rest of the world.  If you are struggling with unwanted guests (even if you don't know them) get in touch with Diana and allow her to work her magic to make your house your home. She takes great care and her understanding of the tools she uses and people she is working with is awesome. Thank you Diana for giving us back our sanctuary. xxx


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Heather Parker
4 years ago

Diana is beautiful lady and an equally beautiful healer.

I have had Transference Healing with Diana quite a few times now. She is always very caring & has a beautifully calming voice. She is highly intuitive & knows exactly where to work on the body & for your mind also. She will clear any blockages you may have & fills you with good energy & vibes for your future. The great thing is that if she does the session distantly she will record what she has done & sends you this & then you can listen to it as many times as you like. I really enjoy the oracle cards she uses too. They are always spot on. Xx <3 

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