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Mariposa means butterfly in Spanish and represents transformative change that we are all capable of, with the right guidance, skills and support.

I use cognitive behavioural, motivational interviewing and solution focused coaching and training to enable clients to achieve personal and professional goals.

I provide a toolkit of skills to enhance your business and personal life. I help you to self manage, make behavioural changes for a healthy, positive mindset. I work on self acceptance, self motivation, and focus to achieve your goals, by being an effective communicator, to enhance your performance and be more productive.

Coaching adopts the principle that we are responsible for our wellbeing and we can change our situations. I enable you to improve performance whilst maintaining wellbeing.

I draw on 17 years of coaching and training experience to help you/your business work on a positive action plan to achieve the results you want. In addition to 1:1 coaching I offer workshops, talks and skype coaching. My practice is located within 5 miles of Bristol and I also run workshops and coaching at your place of work.

Areas in which i work include:

  • relationships
  • working effectively with others
  • parenting skills
  • conflict resolution
  • performance
  • work life balance
  • time management/prioritising
  • managing change
  • planning for the future
  • mindfulness/relaxation
  • wellbeing
  • managing emotions
  • stress management
  • positive thinking
  • confidence
  • personal performance
  • problem solving
  • communication​ skills
  • personal impact
  • assertiveness
  • leadership style
  • team building
  • influencing skills


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Amber Munro-Fellowes
5 years ago

Very interesting

Very interesting to see how we all belittle ourselves when we are all perfectly capable of achieving what we want. Sarah talked us through how negative thinking affects our potential to succeed and gave us ideas on how to combat those thoughts.

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Rebecca Bolton
5 years ago


Really good session. Affirming and positive feedback.
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