Hypnotherapy in Yeovil and online with Marilyn Upton

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Hypnotherapy in Yeovil

Marilyn Upton offers face-to-face sessions in Yeovil as well as online sessions for clients who are further afield.

Help solving anxiety, depression, panic attacks and trauma

We all know when things are not right within us. It may be hard to pinpoint what is going on on your own and you may want to seek help. Using a variety of methods Marilyn Upton, helps her clients unravel the issues and solve them so that you can live life more fully.

She regularly helps people with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, trauma from past experiences, lack of confidence, OCD, phobias, anger issues, worry, relationship issues and many other conditions. She is qualified to help children.

Experienced Help With Marilyn Upton

Trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Stress Management and as a Spiritual Companion, Marilyn Upton has over 20 years’ experience of individual talking therapy sessions. She also leads Workshops in Stress Management, and takes Meditation Groups and has studied Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy.

How to access Marilyn Upton’s Services

Marilyn consults with her clients online (wherever they are in the world) or face-to-face at clinics in Yeovil and Queen Camel.

Get in touch to see how she can help.


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Marilyn Upton Hypnotherapy in Yeovil
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