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Lyn Stones

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Spiritual Healing
Spiritual Healing is the channeling of healing energies by the healer to the patient. I will link my energy with the energy of the Universe, to enable the healing energy to go direct to you for your highest good. This connection allows my spirit doctor`s to draw close to me to help with your healing session. This is where the Medical Intuition comes in, my spirit guides and doctors will sometimes show me where there may be a blockage in your system and a process on how we can overcome and release this blockage to improve your health.

I have been helping clients for several years and will bring many different elements to your session. Many clients have experienced slight tugging/pulling or tingling sensations, this is due to the energy working through to the different parts of the body releasing old hurts and stuck energy blockages. Along with myself and my spirit doctor, we will release the energy where there is a blockage in your energy system causing you discomfort or pain. Your body will continue to receive the healing energy for up to 3 days after your treatment. The long term effect of the healing will last you your lifetime.
There is no reason for you to undress and you may remain seated should you have difficulty lying down, both work just as well.

Spiritual healing promotes healthy living, with ongoing relaxation and life changing attitudes. Whether you experience one or more sessions with Lyn, the changes that are made will take you forward to improve your quality of life.

Healing is not only used for recovery from an illness or trauma, but also for those who are entering another stage of their evolution. The healing time spent with Lyn will help this transitional phase pass more peacefully.


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