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Change is tough, I get it. I used to be close to 50 pounds heavier and lived a largely sedentary live, where I struggled with everything from self confidence to losing weight and my relationships with food.

Then one day my dad got cancer and in an instant my whole world was turned upside down. During the treatment, he had most of his bowel surgically removed and spent 25 days in ICU, most of which was on life support and breathing through a tracheostomy. That experience was the wakeup call that I needed to do something about my own health, as I saw a glimpse of my own future if I didn’t change my ways.

Since then I have made it my mission to help as many people as possible live healthier happier lives, in the hope I can help them avoid going through what happened to him.

I now help others who are struggling, who after years of neglect, burning the candle at both ends and trying to juggle family life with a career, have inevitably lost control of their health. They’ve gained weight, do little to no activity, don’t know what or how to eat, are massively stressed and simply don’t know where to begin with improving their health. This in turn puts them at a far higher risk of everything from diabetes, to heart disease, obesity or even cancer.

That’s why I wrote my book ‘Become a Better You’, based around the help, guidance and support I wish was available to me back when I was struggling to get started, and these are the same principles I apply to my coaching.

How Lifestyle and Weight-Loss Coaching Can Help You

Together we can help you start making positive changes in all aspects of your life, as you become a healthier, happier, slimmer you. During our time together you will not only lose weight, but you will also improve energy, mood, focus, outlook, ability to manage stress, all while finding ways to install some form of balance. This is not a quick fix tell you to eat less, move more coaching, and instead will be designed entirely around you, with the goal of making a maintainable impact in how you look and feel.

How Lifestyle and Weight-Loss Coaching Works

We start with a free no commitment ‘start your weight loss journey’ break through session over Skype, where we can get to know each other better. During this 60 minute call we can look at the challenges you face and put together a tailored plan to get you started.

If we are the right fit and I believe I can help you, then we can then discuss further coaching options, which are delivered in 12 week programmes. Either way, I want you to provide as much value to you in our sessions as possible, and making sure you leave with a new found confidence and sense of control over the steps you need to be taking.

All packages are tailor made, so the level of support you need will be determined in our initial session. Coaching sessions tend to be either once a week or every other week

In order to book your session with Byron Morrison, go to:

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Byron Morrison Health and Nutrition Coach On TotalWellnessClub
3 votes
5 years ago

My fitness regime was perfect to fit in my busy schedule

I was never a big girl but I have always looked "skinny fat". My goal was to look healthier and leaner, and also improve on my fitness level, as I never seemed to be able to achieve that strong and healthy look . Byron went beyond gym workouts. He not only helped me find a way to make the foods that I liked healthier, but we also worked out how to manage time better to include cooking in my schedule. My fitness regime was perfect to fit in my busy schedule and fun to do and when I lacked motivation, my coach was there to ensure I pushed myself. I would highly recommend this service. Truly tailored and effective. Thank you!
5 years ago

Lost weight and more energy

Byron's coaching helped me find balance in a time of my life when I was burdened by stress and continually gaining weight. Together we looked at my diet and also ways that I could be more active without having to go to the gym, a barrier that previously had always prevented me from exercising. With Byron's coaching I have not only lost weight but also have more energy and while the stress is still there, I have a much easier time managing it. Thank you for your continued help and support!
Kathy - Nurse
5 years ago

I highly recommend this programme; IT WORKS!!

After struggling most of my adult life to lose weight and never keeping it off - and then being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease; this programme has been a revolutionary turnaround in my life. I not only have lost the weight by NOT dieting; I am on minimal medication now due to my changed lifestyle. Thank you Byron for your support and infinite patience with someone who struggled to change a lifetime of bad habits. I highly recommend this programme; IT WORKS!!
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