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My Lifebook Online

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My Lifebook is a complete life-style development system. It guides you step-by-step as you define, plan and implement your very best future. You can experience it through a 4-day Seminar, an Online Course or a Local Lifebook Class.

Drastic Improvements Through Using My Lifebook Online

The programme will dramatically improve the quality of your life. It’s holistic approach selects 12 interconnected categories of your life. It helps you define your very best future, create a detailed plan to accomplish it and then implement that plan inside a support system. The comprehensive programme includes an 8-week virtual bootcamp. In the bootcamp you will set focused, effective, daily actions in line with your best future vision.

This programme goes well beyond simply setting personal goals! My Lifebook is a complete life-development system. It is dramatically different to anything you will have experienced before. It helps you remove stress and live a healthy life filled with the things you most desire and want.

Results You Can Expect

My Lifebook online is a profound journey of personal discovery… And it’s different than any other program in the world. It’s a rational, logical, life-development system that creates a measurable difference in your life.

  • Before Lifebook, you’re not clear on exactly what you want in every important area of your life. Immediately after Lifebook – you are.
  • Before Lifebook, you don’t have a detailed plan to create an extraordinary life for yourself. Immediately after Lifebook, you do.
  • Before Lifebook you have no way of knowing if you’re getting closer of farther away from the life you truly want to live. Immediately after Lifebook, you do.
  • Before Lifebook, you don’t have a system in place to balance your life, to align your energy and get everything flowing in the same direction. Immediately after Lifebook, you do.

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Rated 5 / 5 based on 2 reviews.
2 votes
Neil Fellowes
6 years ago

Some of the best personal development I've come across

This programme got me on track. While a lot of personal development programmes focus on a vision or purpose or tackle beliefs, this programme does all that and fixes your strategy as well as breaking it down into bite-sized, achievable goals and results. Since attending My Lifebook, live for a 4 day immersion in Chicago my life has changed. My Lifebook measure the change by what they call a "Life Quotient" score by over 40 points. I lost 42lbs in weight, improved my financial knowledge and ability, refined my career and felt stronger as a character. While the whole programme is extraordinary, I feel My Lifebook really excels in helping people get fitter and healthier and in taking good romantic relationships and making them outstanding. 4 years on my life feels very different. I know clearly what I have accomplished and know clearly the next steps.
7 years ago

I definitely recommend it

My Lifebook is one of the best personal development programmes I have done. This and Landmark Education are my top two. My Lifebook is so thorough and top quality. They don't just give you the information and leave you to get on with it. You set a specific action plan for the year which keeps you learning and growing. This is a great programme and I definitely recommend it.

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