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Many illnesses are exacerbated, or caused, by living ‘out of balance’ with the energies we touch on a daily basis. Energies are encountered in the food we eat, the environment we live in, the people we love or work with, the jobs we do or even the thoughts we have.

Symptoms can manifest as stress, headaches, allergies, infections, aches and pains, dietary problems, immune system deficiencies or autoimmune disorders, emotional issues, anxiety attacks, fatigue or lack of sleep… to name but a few!

Many GPs and medical professionals do an expert job of relieving, or suppressing the symptoms, but in holistic terms we believe it vital to look at the whole picture.

The body is not separated into isolated units or departments so why would we think symptoms or illnesses are not connected somehow. Your legs, your lungs and your head are all connected to your gut. It’s so important to look at the bigger story to identify and help balance the whole body.

We all encounter toxins each day in food and drink, in the environment, within our relationships, and the lifestyle choices we make. Balancing the body through natural healing helps to place us back on the road to full health.

Lisa Price


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Lisa Price