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Let’s Get It Done! Day

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What’s hanging over you?

If there’s something (or things) that are lingering on your to do list longer than they should, you’re in the right place and you’re certainly not alone. I’ve been there and so have most people!

You probably feel pretty rotten about it to, maybe frustrated, cross with yourself, even overwhelmed. That’s because, even if you’re not consciously thinking about them, they’re weighing on your mind. They’re cluttering up your headspace so you don’t have the clarity you would have if you’d done them.

I’m sure you’d agree that’s not a great place to be, especially when you realize the impact that can have:

opportunities can be forgotten and business lost as a result the loss of some detail could damage the success of a project so the results of a great idea are disappointing.

important contact details can get lost so someone who could have made all the difference to your business cannot.
being distracted or losing opportunities because something’s not working properly piles of filing waiting to be done or an inbox full of thousands of emails can waste your precious time whilst you find what you need.

You see, if you’re trying to remember too much, it doesn’t allow you the space to come up with new ideas or to think clearly about the ones you already have. If your head is too busy thinking of all the things you have to do, it’s much harder to focus on the task at hand, which means it doesn’t get done effectively. If you have too many things hanging over you – a backlog – or you’re trying to juggle too much, you create what I call ‘brain clutter’ which ultimately causes overwhelm.

You’ll agree: not a situation you want to be in.

That’s why I’ve organised a Let’s Get It Done!

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