Laughing Yoga Therapy With Yogi Ramesh

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Join Guru Yogi Ramesh,a living Himalayan master and international celebrity Guru to stars.

Laughing yoga has been practiced by Yogis for self -healing for over 5,000 years.Yogi Ramesh’s oxygen and laughter therapy enhances mood-elevating endorphins are releases into the bloodstream,creating feeling of happiness while suppressing stress-inducing chemicals in the body.Laughter also increases lung capacity,improve circulation and reduced pain,depression ,anxiety,heart disease,Cancer prevention etc.Laughter is the best medicine and natural pain killer,stress buster,anti-aging and insomnia.Researchers says,laughter may take your death further away.Laugh more,live more and be happy and healthy forever.


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Guru Yogi Ramesh Laughing Yogi
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