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Kundalini Yoga

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A Kundalini yoga class incorporates physical postures, mantra, mudra, advanced pranayama and relaxation. It is a very meditative style of yoga, that will encourage you to maintain inner focus throughout, and is a great relaxer and stress-reliever.

The postures are in themselves often simple and achievable by people of mixed levels of ability, however the repetition of the movements over time creates a lot of heat and requires physical strength, stamina and mental focus to accomplish to the full time. For this reason Kundalini yoga can be challenging and by no means “easy”.

Fundamentally Kundalini yoga is a system of techniques through which you will be encouraged to explore your own potential in life and work towards living the fullest, happiest existence possible. The style of Kundalini Yoga I teach was bought to the west by Yogi Bajhan who called it a yoga for householders as it provides a very practical tool to aid life in the modern world. Natalie Wells


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