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Krida Sports Yoga offers Yoga Sports Coaching to all athletes from weekend warriors to elite athletes. After training with Yoga Sports Science the world leaders in Yoga Sports Coaching the owner Mercedes Aspland has developed a strong grasp of how to apply yoga to all sports to enhance and support sport’s performance.

At Krida Sports Yoga we use scientifically tested methods to develop a yoga program that is tailored to you and your sport. By working with you and your support team we can ensure you have something that compliments your current training and is easy to fit into your already busy schedule. By using our tried and tested methods we can help you with our LESS is more approach and see the following benefits:

  • Longevity  create a
    program that is tailored to you and your schedule designed to reduce
    the risk of injury and allow you to spend longer in your sport.

  • Endurance – maximise endurance
    through improving your breath awareness, making your breathing more
    efficient and improving the stability of your postural alignment.

  • Speed – help you
    to increase your range of motion as well as increasing the strength
    through this increased range. At the same time we will also work on your
    balance and control all of which will help maximise your movement

  • Strength –
    create a program that will make muscle activation more efficient,
    improve your structural fitness, postural alignment and increase your


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Krida Sports Yoga
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